iPod Touch turned out to be the one!

my new (hacked) ipod touch so I had my reservations about the iphone mainly due to the lack of 3G but also other reasons. Instead what wanted was really a good PDA device thats flexible and not too limiting - some thing like the upcoming N810.

But all that changed when I walked in to BTOptions hoping to checkout an FM Transmitter for my ipod. That's when I saw they had the latest iPod touch 16GB. What happened next was unbelievable in that I remember handing my credit card before blacking out. Ok so may be I'm being a bit too dramatic. The touch was a device which had already been under my radar but I did't think I'd actually buy this first-gen device.

But I did and here is why:
* it was staring me in the face
* price was close to getting from the US
* runs on UNIX aka BSD though would have prefered Gnu/Linux
* Ultra portable, scratch proof surface
* Nice UI and input method
* BUT ABOVE MOST - It can be hacked!

So here I am after having installed two dozens of nice home brew apps lying in bed writing this blog on my new shiney iPod Touch.

my new (hacked) ipod touch
P.S: Photos uploaded and included later using a notebook.